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Hi This is AccuZition ! Basically, I am a boring guy, who like computers...a lot! I don't know, whether if it might be a morbid fascination, leading me into  a Vortex unforgiving gamma rays, but, what I do know for certain is that, I enjoy computing and I turn that enthusiasm into something, I can work with, instead of actually wasting, my time completely, I try to learn what it's made of, what makes it all tick, how it just goes by. In this website, I try to recollect everything I know to share it with people, who care enough to read it anyway. 


Comuters in Basic

 First Let's Talk About Processors - 

The Processors or CPU is the most Integral part of a Computer, The Processor is basically the Brain Of a Computer. We Can Also say the Speed and Performance Lies in The Type Of Processor. There Are Many Different Processors For Many Different Uses.

The Intel Atom Was Built for Buissness Computing while The AMD Phenom Quad Core Was Built Especially Gaming, the Number of Gaming PC's Have Increased Over the Last Few Years As the Number of Gaming Pc Enthusiasts Have increased.

While that was the case a few years age, now, the game-plan's all but, completely change, whit the new insertion of dual dies in the same processor by intel to create a graphics chip within the processor itself, changes the importance of a North-Bridge, and mainly due to that, 

 Next RAM or Memory - 

 You'll have to be careful in what you're Choosing, Since There Are 3 Main Types of memory, DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3. DDR1 is now practically Extinct since Only Very Old PC's Rum Them And Are very Slow i.e Max Frequency Of About 400 MHz. While The Latest DDR3 Can Run At Upto 2.0GHz (2000 GHz).As You Can See, A Lot of Speed Difference But, Don't Buy DDR3 Unless Your Motherboard supports it. You'l also Have to see The Amount in a  Memory Stick,is also very important It can Range From 512 Mb - 4GB Per Stick, as of now. 


Now Let's See About Hard Drives - 

 There are 2 Major types of Hard Drives, They are, The HardDisk Dive and The Solid State Drive,

The HardDisk Drive works By Having a needle and a moving magnetic disc on which it writes or reads or erases data using a magnetic field. The Advantages Are Much Higher Capacities of data storage when compared to the Solid State Drives. And another advantage is that it's cheaper !!

 The Solid State Drives work using small memory chip modules, and so, there are no moving parts, which can make the startup much faster but, the downside is that there is lesser amount of space available, but, the new technology like any other is easily overcoming that barrier, the only problem now is that the price tags are upto 700% more than that of their Harddisk Counterparts !! 




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